About the Team


Nathan Hiemenz

Nate Hiemenz is the Realmsoft founder and lead designer and engineer for Ambrosia.

Nate lives in Castle Rock, CO with his four-legged feline roommate. He enjoys taking apart game systems, so he can put them back together again - better. (You say different, the team says better!) A closet JRPG fan, Nate once arm-wrestled so hard he broke his own arm. 




Ian Clark

Ian Clark is a game designer at Realmsoft and the scenario designer for Ambrosia.

Ian lives in Williamsburg, VA because he got lost on the way to Colorado. He fancies himself a writer, a performer, and overall video game academic. Ian wields an unwavering positivity and just wants everyone to have a nice day! He's known for his unnaturally soft hands.


Michael Betts

Michael Betts is the lead producer for Ambrosia.

Michael Betts lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his own four-legged feline roommate who prefers Michael's lap only when he needs to go do something. He enjoys being a Game Master for as many tabletop roleplaying games as his sanity allows and loves a good horror movie with his girlfriend, who has much better taste in film than him.


Jonathan Germann (Jonny Stixx)

Fairly new to Colorado, Jonny Stixx has been a musician and performer since childhood.

From a humble home studio, Jonny composes and produces the original score for Ambrosia. This family man enjoys working from home, close to his wife, daughter, and Boston terrier. With methods as unconventional as his creativity, Jonny Stixx walks the line between the analogue and digital ages. Blending synth with natural drums, wood and string instruments, the score for Ambrosia is bringing a fresh take on the classic RPG soundtrack genre.