I Like... I mean love Mega Man. Will I like this game?

Absolutely! The roots of our gameplay come from action games like Mega Man. In fact, before starting on Ambrosia, Nathan faithfully recreated the PS1 Mega Man X engine. This was never released due to obvious copyright concerns, but we can attest that it was 99% accurate to the original games! This experience influenced Ambrosia's design greatly, and the result is a game with extremely precise controls and demanding battles that never feel unfair.

I like the exploration and ambiance of Metroid. Will I like this game?

Will you ever! Ambrosia's world is filled to the brim with unique secrets, and oozing with backstory. You could likely play it a dozen times and still find something new on the next playthrough, or realize a hidden tidbit of the background narrative. We also have plenty of relaxing segments, where players can explore without worrying about the stress of battle. Our goal is to make backtracking and meandering as fun and compelling an experience as possible.

So which is it? Is this an action game or an adventure game?

It's both! See, this is where the Metroidvania aspect of the game comes into play. We reward players taking the time to explore every nook and cranny, and to solve elaborate puzzles, with the tools to help them fight the difficult battles. We reward twitch gamers who prefer to rely on their wits and dexterity, by making every encounter "learnable," and therefore winnable with even the simplest of weapons. We love Mega Man and Metroid equally, and much like the geniuses that came up with peanut butter cups, we decided "why not both!?"

Still, this is just another indie Metroidvania swiming in a pool of indie Metroidvanias, isn't it?

Not in the least! The weapon building system is the proudest part of our game, and yet the hardest one to show off. We're doing something that nobody else has, creating a system that works more like a giant puzzle than a leveling or a-la-carte model you see in virtually every other game out there. It is incredibly simple to use, yet extremely deep in underlying complexity. You can choose a fire-and-forget model of using a simple weapon and just plopping in some mods. Or you can spend hours digging into the different weapon and mod combinations, learning how they work and finding the best and coolest combinations. It is because of this system that Ambrosia is half-action, half-adventure  — not the other way around. Players can spend as little or as much time in the bowels of weapon creation and still have an enjoyable experience.

I've heard a lot about this weapon customization, but it sounds too complicated for me.

This is really a case of complex on paper, intuitive in practice. We've spent hours trying to explain the concept to a person, only to have them pick up the game and say "wow, this is actually extremely easy!" Even beginners should have no trouble at all putting weapons together. In fact, we've had complete newbies who've had trouble wrapping their brains around basic concepts like dropping down from a ledge, design their weapons with ease! All of our mods are simple and straightforward on the surface. Most players will start combining rules together intuitively, as the game slowly gives them new tools to work with. The beauty of a video game is that all the magic gets to happen behind the scenes, without players needing to know complex formulas.

What are the various types of treasures I’ll find on my adventure?

Weapons — A variety of weapons can be equipped to your character and swapped out at any time, such as missile launchers and energy or bullet-based guns. Each weapon has a number of available slots that can grow over time. Each slot has a type and can equip a specific subset of modifications that will enhance your weapon. While some weapons may be functionality similar, they will offer a unique combination of mod slots, making them quite different in practice.

Mods — Mods are the bread and butter of the Ambrosia universe, and will represent the majority of items you find. Each mod has a type associated with it – such as being a barrel or charge shot modifier, and each mod offers a unique effect, with no mod ever completely eclipsing an earlier one. Multiple mods can be slotted into a given weapon at any time, offering numerous possibilities.

Relics — Relics give new attributes to your character, such as allowing you to sprint or increasing the pickup range of enemy drops. In general, mods modify the characteristics of your weapons, whereas relics modify the characteristics of the player.

At present we can confirm release on PC, and PS4. Other ports are in the cards, such as Switch and Linux, but there's a bit more groundwork we need to do before we can guarantee those releases 100%. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for updates!

Which systems will Ambrosia be coming to?