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The "Now It's October!" Blog Update!

Live from our sequestered jungle lab, this is Team Ambrosia! Happy October, folks!

For better or worse, I’m the kind of person who has trouble taking the time to stop what I’m working on in order to talk about it. “Well, maybe I’ll write a blog post if I finish [x], [y] and [z] today,” I might say to myself. But usually finishing one task just leads me right on to another and I never wanna break my stride while I’m working. So I don’t, and another day passes without me writing anything, then a week, so on, so forth, forsooth. It’s good to keep workin’ along, but it’s also kiiiind of important to at least let people know Ambrosia’s still alive and kicking, right?

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Campaign Thoughts, and Looking Ahead!

Good day everyone! Warm greetings from Realmsoft!

By now you’ve probably seen that Ambrosia’s Kickstarter did not meet its campaign goal. We’ve said it already, but we just can’t say it enough — thank you, everyone, for all of your amazing support and encouragement throughout this process. Seriously, it’s been extremely motivating and heartwarming to see our game be received and accepted with such excitement. Despite not reaching our goal, your response let us know we have an audience, and that helps give us high hopes for Ambrosia’s future.

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The Story of Ambrosia

So, we're making a video game.

Who isn't, right? It certainly feels that way when you first strike out on your own with an untested product and an untested studio at the height of indie game development output. I read somewhere that Steam sees 5,000 new releases a year. So who are we to put out the 5,001st?

Actually, let's just start there.

Who are we?

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